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Hanging Rope Air/Sky Chair - Your Ultimate Relaxation Spot

Hanging Rope Air/Sky Chair - Your Ultimate Relaxation Spot

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When you're out camping, a tent is a must, but it can sometimes disconnect you from the beauty of nature. That's where our Hanging Rope Air/Sky Chair comes in, offering a perfect solution to the tent dilemma. Imagine the joy of being suspended from a branch, floating above the ground, soaking in the sun's warmth, and feeling completely free from gravity. It's an experience unlike anything you'd find at home, and it's a whole new level of relaxation.

This lightweight and easy-to-assemble air chair is a game-changer. It's made from high-quality materials that are both comfortable and sturdy. Whether you're in your backyard, camping, hiking, or traveling, this air chair brings a touch of tranquility to any outdoor setting.

The air chair stretches to your full body length, offering ultimate relaxation from head to toe. Its cotton fabric with a wood stretcher ensures both durability and comfort. Hang it on your porch or from a branch, and it'll quickly become your favorite spot to unwind.

Key Features:

  1. New and High Quality
  2. Easy to Hang and Assemble
  3. Lightweight and Convenient for Carrying or Storing
  4. Perfect for Backyard, Camping, Hunting, Hiking, Traveling, and More
  5. Lightweight and Firm, Offering Exceptional Comfort
  6. Suitable for Outdoor Use
  7. Provides Ultimate Relaxation
  8. Stretches to Accommodate Your Full Body Length
  9. Made of Cotton with a Wood Stretcher
  10. Perfect for Hanging on a Porch or Branch


  1. Dimensions: Please See the Pictures
    • Wooden Stick Length: 35.43inch / 90cm, Diameter: 1.26inch / 3.2cm
  2. Weight Capacity: 250lb
  3. Single / Double: Single
  4. Color: Beige
  5. Hanging Rope: Yes
    • Both Ends of the Rope Length: 9.84inch / 25cm
    • The Middle Part's Length: 34.25inch / 87cm
  6. Wooden Stick: Yes
  7. Waterproof: No
  8. Sack: No
  9. Weight: 1453g / 51.25oz

Package Includes:

1 x Hanging Rope Air/Sky Chair Swing (Beige)

Please Note:

  • This item cannot be shipped from the United States to other countries.
  • This item cannot be shipped to the following remote districts: PUERTO RICO, HAWAII, VIRGIN ISLANDS, ALASKA, GUAM GU, AMERICAN SAMOA, NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS.

Unwind and enjoy the serenity with our Hanging Rope Air/Sky Chair, your gateway to ultimate relaxation. Grab yours and elevate your outdoor experiences like never before.

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